Life Members

The Club may from time to time appoint any past or present office bearer of the Woy Woy Rugby Club or member of the Committee and any person who rendered distinguished service to the Club to be a Life Member. Every Life Member admitted in accordance with the Constitution shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting only, and shall be entitled to receive a Life Member’s Badge, which on presentation at any ground controlled by the Club shall admit to any match under the control of the Club or any of its affiliated Unions.

No member shall be elected to Life Membership until ten (10) years of active and constructive service has been observed.


Maurice Battye Alistair Knibb Arthur Bernauer
Robert Minett Anthony Moore John Kenney
Kevin Glew Wally Kerigan Dick Mortimore
William Passlow John Stokie Denise Stokie
Neil Ross Stuart MacDonald Stuart McGoldrick
Paul Gooley Gerry Summerhayes Helen Kenney
Honorary Members
An Honorary Membership is the highest honour that the Club can bestow on a person who is not a member of the club. The individual receiving it must have made a significant contribution to the Club. Honorary membership may be granted by the Club without the payment of any subscription and be entitled to exercise all the privileges of the Club. Honorary Members are not entitled to vote at any meetings of the Club or be elected as officers of the Club. Junior members can be admitted as honorary members and shall be under sixteen years of age at the Annual General Meeting.


Nick Farr-Jones         
John Eales            
George Gregan          
Simon Poidevin
Eric Tweedale
Jim Phipps
Andrew Mathers
Bill Jackson
Sione Ofengahue
Robert McLeish
John Wood
Gordon Bray
Mark Ella


Ordinary Members

An Ordinary Member of the club is entitled to vote at meetings, take part in the management of the club and can stand for the Executive Committee. Eligibility for ordinary membership of the Club shall be limited to those who are or have been players or officials of the Club or past players of other Rugby Union Clubs Registered or affiliated with the Australian Rugby Football Union.

Social Members

Any person sixteen (16) years or over who has paid the annual subscription of $25 shall be eligible as a Social Member. Social membership link